The Estates

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Bidding games to me feel like they should bring excitement to the table. This one is thinky and strategic, but lacks the excitement and big moves.


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Auction game with lots of front-loaded decisions layered on top of other front-loaded decisions, and if you miss some of those early plays you can have many forced choices.


I haven't decided if this is good or not. It's very weird. Zero is sometimes a good score. I can direct the game to be more positive now but the first few times you play, things are very erratic. That said, if I'm feeling cutthroat, this is the perfect quick game.




Had a great time figuring this game out with some friends at a couple's house. There are funny ways to screw each other up - on purpose or by accident. We laughed a lot while playing but that might just be us! Took about 45 minutes to play, though we took a little time at the start to learn the rules first. -> 4.2 out of 5 in my book.


The Estates is a race to the bottom, and then when you're finally on the ground, you kick your opponents until their teeth fall out. I find it's a good litmus test for people who say they like "mean, brutal" games. Because this game is exclusively about borking everyone else and trying to be borked the least. Much better with an experienced group that can read the game state and make money-draining bids from opponents.


i would say this game can be opaque for newcomers but once you get it the game is pretty darn good