Aeon's End: War Eternal

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**** Legacy or Core Box


Yet More Stuff.


Takes a great co-op and makes it even better. Much better art this time around too.


Really interesting concept. The intro game was a little too easy and mellow, but there's a ton of stuff in the box and it seems like we can ramp of the difficulty without too much trouble. Has officially replaced Legendary Encounters games as the co-op deck builder of choice at our house.


Absolutely amazing. Brutal game where a win feels like a win. Deckbuilding game against a boss where you get to organize your deck so you can try to get the cards you want earlier. Lots of difficult and tactical options to choose from.


A very fun and VERY challenging deck building, boss battle, co-op (or solo) game. The only blemish is that setup takes a while, but otherwise it's a wonderful game!


I don't get the hype about this game. Maybe it was because I have only played the "recommended first play" setup, but the game was mediocre. I do realize that much of the fun in the game should be about taking advantage of flipping over your discard into a new deck, but it is not really a mechanic that speaks to me. It does seam like there is strategic depth in carefully counting cards and setting up plays, but I rarely saw any reason to do that. Overall, the cards all seemed bland and few seemed to be cards to build around. I was never able to help/collaborate much with my fellow players. The character abilities had a drastic impact on play style. The monster did not offer any interesting choices, mostly just "take damage or suffer a bad thing" and we had to choose which bad things to allow so we still had health left. A lot of the interesting deck building was hindered by the sever limits on the number of copies of each card in the market.