Dvonn Board Game

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2 players only, my favourite abstract of Project GIPF.


by paka

Mhh, I really should play this a bit more, very interesting flow on this game.


Maybe I do like abstracts after all? My first foray into the world of GIPF was very pleasant--quick moving but engaging.


This game is fast and really strategic. It might be my favorite of the Gipf series just because it plays so quickly.


GAMEPLAY DVONN is a GIPF series, abstract game where players try to have the largest cumulative ring stacks next to or on the three DVONN rings at the end of the game. On a turn, a player must move one of their ring stacks on the outer edge of the board. A stack moves a number of spaces equal to the amount of rings in its stack but a stack may never move onto an empty space. If at any time, a connecting line of stacks cannot be traced to a DVONN ring, the isolated stacks are removed. When no more legal moves can be made, players tally the number of rings in each stack they own, where ownership is the player whose ring is on the top of the stack. THOUGHTS Some time last year I set out to play all the GIPF series games. I’d already played LYNGK in person but didn’t have access to the others. Later I found out Boite a Jeux has all but LYNGK and TAMSK so it was easy to check off every one but the latter. So, my conclusion after trying them all? LYNGK remains my favorite but DVONN is a close second. I like the way that it starts off fairly opaque in that it’s hard to tell what constitutes a good move. Then the board starts to narrow and you’re able to think several moves ahead given different permutations. You’re always looking for choke points to cut your opponent off while keeping an eye on where the DVONN rings are so that you can best position your stacks for the end game. PROS -Rings have a great tactility and look. (Just be sure to play them upside-down to make sure they’re easier to pick up.) -I like the way the game goes from opaque play to tactical focus but YMMV. -Cutting off pieces always feels exciting. Likewise, jumping on the DVONN ring and relocating it to a more favorable part of the board is satisfying. NEUTRAL -The rules say players should take turns placing pieces on the board. After playing on BaJ, I’ve always just done a random set-up: it both does away with the more boring part of the game while speeding things up. If I were to play with more hardcore abstract players, I wouldn’t be opposed to trying this however.


Clever and quite fun. Although you would never guess it by the silence at the table.


Another abstract game that I have come to love. I love the apparent simplicity of rules while being complex n play.


1play. Yes it is part of the GIPF series and it was fun. I loved the pieces but there wasn't much that grabbed me. Based on my game plays and my ratings, the abstracts don't really appeal to me.