Blue Moon Legends

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I want to play it again before I can give this game a rating


The best card game ever; the best two-player game ever; a towering testament to a past-master designer at his best. I did not expect, nor deserve, a wonderful omnibus 10th anniversary edition. I did not conceive of unique dragon sculpts and absurdly beautiful crystals. I did not believe how economical it could be to keep multiple sets to facilitate deckbuilding in all its splendid manifestations. I miss the larger card format, but seriously, to complain about Blue Moon Legends would be the act of a ingrate.


Finally traded for this at the game bazaar, but I've played Blue Moon off and on for years. Such a deceptively clever game for such simple rules. A great Knizia game.


A TCG-style dueling game that has well balanced quasi-fixed factions. Duels take place climbing-fashion in a game of brinksmanship. No keywords, very few icons. Very approachable. Each faction is distinct. Quick playing and lots of fun.


Back and forth power-bidding, with thematic tricks, tactical retreats, and hand/deck management. Themed around battles, but feels more like significant figures and how they turn the tide of a war. There are many other asymmetric deck games I would rather play.


Two factions fight over dragons. This version includes all expansions and should be merged with the original.