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It's a fun game but for 2 players it can be a little boring, specially if one of the player gets the puzzle wrong (then the other player gets to solve a puzzle for free, with no time constraints). Next time we play with 2 players I think I'm gonna apply some house rules for when the player gets the puzzle wrong.


Some of the puzzles were nice but the game overall just didn't flow for our family. We did enjoy simply working through some of the puzzles without using the game rules.


This is another game that my wife LOVES. This would be great for parties as long as all participants have fairly balanced cognitive skills. I had hoped for a bit more out of this one but I am pleased that they used a box size that accommodates the components without needing a bag of packing peanuts lol.


(10/17) 5. A really quick, light set of memory and puzzle games. I expect this won't hold up to many more plays, but it's fun for now!