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Secret Moon is Seiji Kanai's interpretation of a Werewolf-like team deduction game, and a sequel to Love Letter. He is not very fond of stories of killing, thus the more romantic background. Also, he claims to be horrible at chatting and bluffing, so Secret Moon is a game that can be enjoyed by people like him, with less need to bluff and deduction based more on game flow and rules.

This was posted on an Italian gaming website (excuse the poor translation, my Italian is very poor):
(Edited with help from the English rules.)

A game published by Kanai Factory
Drawings by Noboru Sugiura

Up to three players will be part of "Team Princess" (Princess, Wanderer and Priestess), and the rest are "Team Minister" (Minister and four Guards). The Priestess can pretend to be part of the Minister's team, all in the name of helping the Princess.

Team Princess wins if the Minister is captured or the third round ends. Team Minister wins if the Princess is captured or BOTH the Princess and the Wanderer are revealed.

At the table you cannot speak except to make or answer questions permitted by the rules.

The game lasts three rounds, and each round turn order cards are dealt. On their turn, you may:

- Inspect: look at another player's character card.
- Inquire: ask another player "who goes there!", and the appropriate response is on their character card.
- Accuse: guess another player's character. If correct, they reveal their card. Otherwise, reveal yours.
- Hide/protect: defend yourself or another player for the rest of the round. (Cannot be done in third round)
- Disrupt: cause another player who hasn't taken their turn yet to lose their turn this round. You are then captured.
- Capture: "capture" a revealed character. A captured character is out of the game, but still wins if their team wins. (Guards may not capture)

Minimum age: 10 +
Language use in the game : Minimal
Duration of the game : 10 min
Players: 5-8
Manual Language : English - Japanese


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