With this starter you can play Story Mode (single player), VERSES if your friends have a copy, or you can choose to expand your set with the other themed components to play cooperatively.The Unbound Starter comes with everything you need for Story Mode. All Starters are non-random and contain 14 exclusive Rare cards. The object of the game is to lead 4 Adventurers through the shuffled dungeon deck where you compete to stay alive or to complete 2 out of 3 predetermined quest. You do this by using drawn Crawler cards from your hand to strategically manipulate and defeat dungeon encounters that are determined by a point limit. If you expend all your Crawler cards or allow the Dungeon to slay all your Adventurers, you lose the game. Dungeon Crawler contains complex strategic planning and resource management, recommended for ages 13 and up

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Dungeon Crawler: Unbound

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