Lifeboat, the Card Game

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We own 2 fat mess games this is fun the other hmmmm.... (A)A simple game, but the people dynamics are GREAT. (C)


Oh, yeah. Vicious, brutal, vicious, fun, loud, and vicious game. The belligerence... The thirst... the violence, and the threat of violence... and the chum. Sweet reason, not the chum again! He's a psychopath!


August 2019 $9.99


This is a 6 player game. I would not advise playing it with 5; you REALLY need all 6. With that being said, it is an okay game. It seems to last a little bit longer than you would like, although once someone rowed, we moved on to the next player whether the rower had chosen which card to add or not. Probably would be more fun if the players were more into the confrontation, and once we started playing more aggressively it got funnier and more fun. My character died and still managed to come in 2nd!


I have palyed this game a few times, each with really bad results. Players becoming enraged when they are voted out of the lifeboat by the other players. this game is the anti-cooperative game and hurts relationships.


Fun "take that" game with a quirky theme and some quirky gameplay. I think this can go really well with the right group, so we went ahead and picked up ALL the expansions when we saw it on a clearance rack.