Dead Men Tell No Tales

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Although it plays a lot like Pandemic, it's different enough that I don't feel like it's just a pandemic clone. I love the pirate theme and its just so much fun racing the clack against parts of the ship exploding and trying to grab as much treasure.


While we didn't end up using it much the mechanic of letting someone else use your action points is inspired! Lots of threats to juggle, which each vacillated between non threatening to game ending, all while working towards the goal. Can't wait to play again.




The pop of burning timber and the explosion of powder kegs is almost real in this cooperative jaunt through a burning pirate ship loaded with treasure. It's one visceral experience, and it's well-loved here.


I thought I was over cooperative games after buying/selling Bauza's Ghost Stories. However, Dead Men Tell No Tales is a great experience. The theme is awesome. The way you progress through the ship, revealing new tiles, the way dice are used to reflect fire levels in each cabin of the ship, etc. All of it works! I usually hate dice combat but it's mitigated with the ability to "beef up" your defense via spending action coins to increase strength. I also like that you can share unused action coins between players. I've considered trading this game before but something about it just keeps me turning away trade offers. I think I'll keep it awhile longer!


2-5 payers (best 3) 60-75 minutes


Good luck in winning. Is as hard as a Cthulhu game


Great co-op. All the reviews say it feels like pandemic and flash point put together, and they are correct. Theme is great, plays well.


Enjoyable game, and good theme, but too hard. My group has never won this, despite playing a lot of similar cooperative games. Challenge is good, but this is close to unwinnable without house rules to make it easier.


One of my favorite co-op games. The theme is just wonderful and trying to manage the fires while fighting the crew and getting treasure off the point is just loads of fun!