Castles of Mad King Ludwig

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This game is better than Suburbia in every way, but maintains the exact same feeling as Suburbia. It's a little less interactive with other people (i.e. more multiplayer solitaire than suburbia), but worlds less fiddly on the scoring.Still has that big time random rewards on the bonus scoring though, almost too much. Only more games can flesh that out though.


Weight: 2.67 / 5Includes custom bag for tilesiOS app also purchased


Ted Alspach (Suburbia), same mechanics, but with castle building. Main difference is the auction mechanic. Each round, the start player/build master sets the prices for the various rooms and the other players then choose one room and pay the costs to the build master. Personally, I like Suburbia better as the auction mechanic results in substantial down time. Of course, it depends on the group.


with the crowdfunding extras including the Polish castles mini expansion


I really like Suburbia by the same designer, but this one does not resonate as much with me. I do enjoy it, but not my first choice.


A great family game! It's a lot of fun building out a castle. Scoring is straightforward and every game that I have played has been close. Everyone that I have played this with has enjoyed it. Plays in 60-90 minutes. Expansions Owned: Secrets


I'm not sure how much there is to the economy of the game, and the bonus cards could be really swingy. But it is undeniably extremely fun building your mad little castle; a shame that there isn't more nuance to the pricing, and that optimal play might just require endless perusal of difficult-to-read opponents' castles.


2-4 Best with 3/4


1 - 4 90 min


After a 3 player game - Nice game. A little MPS for some people, but I don't mind it at all. I love the building aspect and the multiple achievements to go for, both hidden and public. I would like to see how this works at 2 & 4 player counts. Look forward to more plays.


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1-4p Sleeves


Neat game. It doesnt live up to the hype in my opinion, but it's still quite good. Half the fun is seeing how your weird castle turns out. A timer is definitely necessary on the Master Builder phase.


Enjoyable puzzle tile laying game. A lot of balls in the air with much to keep track of but not overwhelming. Being Master Builder and setting prices can cause AP.


I've scored both the best and worst of all I've seen over all of my games. And have an average only just below what I've seen. My decision making doesn't reference the bonus tiles enough. My spending probably doesn't come close to best practice either.


This was fun. I could play again.


July 2019 $26


Interesting tile game. Greatly prefer Castles to Suburbia.


Solo play not very fun.


Fun but just a few too many mechanisms at play. Suburbia feels like a streamlined version of Castles...but it preceded it.


by 3MBG

Fun tile laying game, neat concept, visually appealing and engaging.




I enjoyed the game well enough, but no one in my group would want to play it. I have the app, so I traded the game.


Favorite tile laying game. Every castle is so different and interesting.


Setup is a bit long but i made a foam insert and that cuts the setup in half.


Very enjoying game that is fun all around. Its fun just building your castle up sometimes that you don't even realize that you're not going for your personal/actual objectives. Trying to figure out what your opponents need and will be willing to buy from you while also pricing what you need that won't be bought from other players while still willing to pay for it is a puzzle in itself!


Doesn't get played enough. Played solo variants a few time and enjoyed it. Family has fun with it but games last a little too long for them at times.


It would be a fine enough game, if it was not the sibling of Suburbia. For me, Castles is much worse. I don't really like all of the hidden scoring objectives because it creates too many values that I need to trade off and optimize. The engine building is not as powerful. Have a master builder price the market adds more complexity to the game, breaks the flow, and makes planning ahead harder.


I need to play this more, but I *think* I like it


As with Keyflower, I love building up my own little thing and then tell stories about it after the game is over. The bidding works well, even for two. I got the wood organizer and it's made the game a breeze to set up.


by afjb

Fun tile-laying game -- first one I have tried. Only playing solitaire for now and am using a variant posted on the geek. Fair amount of strategy. It's cool to see the castle you create develop and expand.


Something we play a lot due to the economic aspects of being master builder and building combos of points. Fairly easy to teach/play. Would recommend this as a game to friends.


Interesting currency flows have always captured my attention, and the Master Builder aspect of Castles does not disappoint, though it does make the game drag on a bit. The way each room type provides a unique completion bonus makes each decision multi-layered and allows for a bit of future planning. The iconography is quite small, and upkeep is fiddly, but overall Castles a delicious point-salad.


I didn't care for this game much until after a few plays but now I really enjoy it. The bidding for rooms makes for an interesting mini game and trying to lay the tiles strategically for the most points is also fun.




What a great puzzle type game. Each game has different scoring mechanics on top of the normal ones meaning that no game ever plays the same. The way pricing works in the game is great, however it doesn't come through well in a 2 player game. I would say to really experience this game you need 4 players, although it's still plenty enjoyable at 2.


(10/16) 7. Fantastic game that I enjoy more each time I play it. Trying to figure out if it kills Suburbia. (9/17) Rise to 8. Still really love this game. I now DO think it's just about a Suburbia killer.


Mildly interesting. The artwork and iconography is dull. Endgame scoring is fiddly. Some people clearly love this game but I do not.