This is a Playmat for Camel Up with whirlwind spaces that have special Rules

The space 6,7 and 8 on the race track are considered to be whirlwind spaces.
If a camel or a camel unit leaves space 6, they always moves to space 8.
If a camel or came unit leaves space 7, it always moves to space 6.
(The arrow of the whirlwind indicate the direction the camels move.)
A camel or camel unit may only move from space 8 to space 9, only if at least one of the following conditions is met:

a)There is another camel or camel unit on a whirlwind space(6,7 or 8);
b)All other camels are already on space 9 or beyond.

If no condition is met, the camel or camel unit moves backwards to space 7.
From 7 it will move to space 6 with its next step.
If it gets back to space 6 it will move again to space 8 with its next movement.
There it needs to check again for the conditions to move forward to space 9.
You may not place your desert tile on any of the whirlwind spaces (neither oasis side nor mirage side).

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Camel Up: Grand Prix of the Sahara

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