The Mind

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im reluctant to call this a "GAME" that being said its really fun . This game can be brutally difficult to play but when you actually complete a couple of rounds the feeling of satisfaction is WONDERFUL . Its not for every group but it def has its place at my table . I HATE THE BOX !


It's ok. It is amazing how it works, but I can't see me playing this much more. There's just not much to it.


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Bought it because my wife likes card games more than board games. Have not beat it yet.


Incredible. Make sure you force everyone to touch hands to sync minds before each round and blame everyone else for not opening their minds enough when you fail.


Interesting and unique game. Quick to play, easy to learn, and fun during.


I don't get the appeal... Maybe I was taught the game wrong. I wouldn't subject anyone I like to a "game" of this. Seriously... wtf?!?!


a game that require friends or players to be synchronize! easy to learn and teach and hard to reach the last level xD one of my friend who love to think possibilities when throwing the card make the game even harder lol!!


by sky

But is it a game doh?


Won on the first time I played, with three others that had just played together with another fourth player. They wanted to try the blind play variant after that and we got through to round five before using the last of our lives. It's a time filler not a "game" so while I might play again, I'm not intending to do so.


Is it fun? Yes. Would I rather play a game with meaningful decisions? Also yes.


This is a simple game and great with close friends and family. Could be good with folks you don't know and an icebreaker but more challenging and fun with those you know IMO.


While I had fun, that was because of the laughing that was happening. I did not enjoy the game itself.


Very interesting game. We've only played two players but had fun. Would like to try at 4.


Really can't complain for what it accomplishes. Though I don't really want to play it again, hah.


Interesting premise. Great for casual play with my wife. I think it's probably limited in that you need to play with a consistent group to do well. The art and components on this are also pretty uninspired. All in all, it fills a pretty cool niche in my collection and I'll definitely be hanging on to it.


Not so much of a game as a very meta group activity. I'll give it a few more tries but it doesn't really appeal to me.


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Just a blast playing with friends. Silence followed by an eruption of laughter. It's amazing how well you get to know someone without talking.


Interesting psychological experiment. Some fun moments. No long term play expected. A gimmick activity fun for a few plays.


Can't recommend this game enough. If this one doesn't excite you – whether it seems like it isn't really a "game" but more an activity, or you're just annoyed by the hype it has generated and don't want to bite – I insist you give it a go anyway. I think you'll find that both the tension and the excitement this game can generate from a single card play is utterly astounding and completely unique.


Best: 4 Time: 15 Min Weight: 1.08




Fun to play casually with friends. Only a little strategy involved, when numbers are dealt in sequence the following plays are really tense and those moments are very exciting.


Simple but fun game.


But is it a game doh?



An SdJ nominee in the vain of The Game. The Mind transforms players into the game itself, as they must infer based on nothing other than body language and darting glancing when to play their next card. I understand that others find this type of game appealing, but it fails to engage me.


6 Nimmt! proxy.


I guess I missed the memo where we all pretend to really like a game that isn't a game because there's no reason people should like this phony activity that's a waste of paper, ink, and most importantly, time.