DC Spyfall


The Joker is on the loose! The Clown Prince of Crime is up to some new tricks. His latest venture finds him causing chaos by infiltrating different locations all across the DC Universe. His cover is so good, even he doesn't know where he is! The Justice League is aware of his antics and the Heroes have decided the best way to find him is to have everyone start talking. Will The Joker say something that blows his cover? Or will he get away with his dastardly plan?

DC Spyfall brings you the game of social deduction and investigation you love with a veneer of the DC Universe. Play as your favorite heroes as they attempt to figure out who The Joker is with clever questioning and careful observation. As The Joker, your job is to figure out where you are without giving yourself away with vague questions and answers. Who will reign victorious in the end?

MSRP: $25.00Lowest: $17.47

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