Abyss: Kraken Expansion

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This is an excellent expansion to Abyss. I will likely never play Abyss without it! This holds true for introductory games as well. This expansion adds kraken cards which act as a wild card when satisfying the cost to recruit leaders. However, as a penalty for using these cards, you gain nebuli (black pearls) which deduct points at game end. This expansion also includes new leader cards with special abilities (e.g. large character tokens that can be placed on leaders, locations, and allie stacks; reserving them until you are able/willing to collect the reserved item). My favorite element of this expansion is a specific location tile that allows you to draw treasure chest cards. These cards have a combo bonuses on them and introduce a new "push your luck" element where you may draw as man cards as you want but must stop when you've drawn a second card of the same type. You discard these identical cards and add any others remaining to your tableau. You can score a lot of points this way but you can also kick yourself pretty hard when you lose a high vp card by drawing a pair lol. Great expansion!


Gives you more of everything and new locations with push your luck.