New York 1901


Shape the historic skyline of New York City in this skyscraper building game. You will take on the role of land developers competing for glory and prestige in the citys financial district as you acquire new land, demolish old buildings, and build up skyscrapers to staggering new heights.This stimulating strategy board game features amazing illustrations from Vincent Dutrait.Skills:Visual PerceptionFocus and AttentionStrategySocial PlayContents:Illustrated Rule BookGame Initiation SheetGame Board5 Character Cards5 Streets of New York Bonus Cards5 Bonus Challenge Cards65 Lot Cards4 Skyscraper Scoring Markers16 Workers4 King Tokens12 Action Cards76 Skyscraper Tiles4 Legendary Skyscraper Tiles

MSRP: $50.00Lowest: $34.99

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