Ahoy, mateys! That scurvy villain, the Pirate King, has stolen the Sea Hammer - the pride of Her Majesty's Royal Navy - and taken to the seas like the dog he is! It's up to you to commission a brave Officer of the Royal Navy to pursue that black-hearted cur, catch him, and turn him into shark bait. But he's a rascal, that Pirate King, so you'll need to recruit one of the dregs of the Queen's dungeons - because sometimes it takes a Pirate to catch a Pirate. Iffn' you discover where that swab is hiding, you'll need to beat the Pirate King in a duel or acquire enough Gold to buy back the ship. Act with haste, because you're not alone in this hunt, me bucko. Whoever saves the Sea Hammer first wins the Queen's undying gratitude - and the game!For 2 - 5 Players, Ages 10 and Up. Contents: Game Board, 5 Pirate Plastic Figures, 5 Officer Plastic Figures, 36 Crew Cards, 16 Enemy Cards, 33 Fortune Cards, 20 Item Cards, 5 Player Cards, 80 Gold Tokens, 2 Dice, and Rules Sheet.

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