Arctic Scavengers: Base Game + HQ + Recon

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Good competitive deck-builder. I very much enjoyed how bluffing is incorporated into this game.


A disappointing deck builder with little replay value. Fun the first 5 times maybe.


I like this less than I remembered. Ending every hand with a blind-ish bid for an unknown thing is iffy.


1-5 players (best 3-4) 30-60 minutes


I'm not a big fan of deckbuilders anymore, but this one was pretty good. Almost like Dominion meets Dead of Winter.


It has a lot of good things going for it. The theme comes across in the gameplay perfectly. You really feel the scarceness of resources, and like you're always just a bit behind. The gameplay, which is obviously inspired by Dominion, feels very different in actual gameplay. You have a lot more control over how you build your deck, and can basically put whatever you want into there. There is a lot more reacting to how other players are building their decks, since you fight them directly. The game's flaws are that it can be too same-y without adding in some of the expansions and modules; however, the expansions and modules can bog the game down in tedious rules. It can feel a bit too random at times too.


7.5 / 2-5p Best 4 / 30-60m / 2015 / 2.32 (Deck Building, MHGG says better than Dominion, included 2 Expansions)


Currently have Jason's copy.


Someone in our game group already has a copy of this game (2 people in fact!), but I really, really enjoyed this deck builder. I like the tactical feel and the limited decision making when it comes to purchasing cards.


Arctic Scavengers is a deck-building game with a fairly unique mechanic in which players contest for a specific resource each turn. To contest for that resource, players hold back cards during their turn; these cards are blind, so other players only know how many but not which specific card are held back. This mechanic, plus the dark postapocalyptic theme, makes the game quite unique among deck builders. Unfortunately, the actual deckbuilding aspect of the game is weak - there aren't enough cards to buy and the handful of better cards disappear quickly, often going to the players that got lucky early on. You definitely must play with the expansions to reduce this problem. The game is also quite long with 5 players, due to the player interaction, so I recommend playing with fewer (but more than two, to get the full effect of the player conflict that makes the game unique). So, a decent game, but one that has two many flaws to be worth playing more than a few times.