Nuns on the Run

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Seems awfully fun for the nuns, maybe not so much for the guards (for me, at least). It's got a lot of enjoyable tension, as you hope the guard doesn't juke at the wrong intersection. The path system, though sometimes difficult to grok, allows for some semblance of order in the midst of the chaos. All in all, I enjoyed it.


Sort of Scotland Yard in reverse. The specifics of when the novitiates can be heard seems to be unclear in the rules, going by those that had read them in my group. Thinking that you've worked out how to avoid the Abbess/Prioress and having someone else lead them to you ends up being annoying at times. The charts of sightlines would be more helpful if there was more than just those on the rule book though.


2-8 players (best 5-6) 45 minutes


This was just OK. The boss nuns were too hard to move and it felt really easy to get away from them. It would be more fun if it was easier to catch the running nuns.


Too hard to teach and determine line of sight. Not for me but I could see people loving this.