Imperial Settlers

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Not sure if I prefer 51st State or Imperial Settlers more. I am not the biggest fan of the theme on 51st State, but the game does feel more streamlined than Imperial Settlers.


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Solid card game. It's fairly easy to teach (rule of 3s) but has a ton of emergent depth. It's an engine builder that runs exactly long enough to let you do everything you want to do. It's incredibly variable. It can be played as cutthroat or solitaire as you want. It even has a compelling solo variant! Edit: trading because it's VERY good, but we just like 51st State more. Can't justify keeping both.


First game was a learn as you go type affair. Luckily nobody seemed to mind and we had a fun time getting to grips with it. Everyone enjoyed it, including me. This is a keeper, but requires a players guide and a few rule clarifications before playing again. 2nd game. I'm finding that i want to like this game a bit more than i actually do. 2 games in and the barbarians won both. The first game left me thinking i could have done better due to not knowing how it works. The 2nd game left me thinking that i had lost by round 4.



Strategy is not obvious and needs several plays with each faction to get what you should be doing. Game is fun even if you cannot get a great engine going.


Very fun tableau builder. Will play it again anytime. Quick and easy to teach. Has great components.


I love this game.


1-4, 45-90m


A Race for the Galaxy-esque tableau/engine-builder with some asymmetric factions that score differently. The base game is way more solitaire than Race, despite the ostensible interaction of razing opponents' locations. I would just rather play Race.


Was the ability to raze an opponents building added after it was designed to add player interaction because the designer realized that it was multiplayer solitaire? It feels tacked on, especially the ability to protect one building, on your turn only. Other than that the game feels too long, 5 rounds? By the end you've torn down all of your generic building for faction specific ones and have to spend 10 minutes fiddling with resources for optimization. The game also lacks strategic depth, the optimal play is fairly obvious from the first playthrough, and this adds to the drawn out feel of the game as you will spend time going through the motions of playing without too much enjoyment.