Splendor: Cities of Splendor Expansion

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Expansions are about 2/4Rank:1. Orient (amazing)2. Strongholds (simple and easy)3. Cities (doesn't mix with the other expansions)4. Trading Post (terrible)


I play the Cities Expansion on the iPad almost every day, but only count plays against actual people. Somehow cathartic, addictive, mind numbing, and engaging all at once.


9/27/17: Have been patiently waiting to play this expansion for months and for me, it has lived up to the hype. Played all four expansions in a two player game. Cities- This expansion seems to be the most similar to the original game. Trading Posts- A lot more to consider with the five trading posts. Achieved 3/5 posts the first time playing. It's too bad the back of the board didn't have another option (like the 7 Wonders board, easy and hard game types) Stronghold- The type that got the most negativity before the release, but enjoyed the strategy that unfolded throughout the game, even in a two player game. Never let all 3 strongholds be placed on one card, can't give out free turns to Andrew Orient- The extra cards really spice it up. Think this will be the expansion that gets played the most


the modular aspect was kind of a let down considering you can only use 1 module at a time




This is a case of good, but not necessarily great. While we enjoyed cities, which kept the core game the same, Strongholds was merely "okay", the trade roads were "lackluster" and the Orient cards were fun, but almost too distracting from the base game, which is what you are ultimately still playing. We will probably use the cities and Orient cards from time to time, but the Stongholds and Trade Routes were not our cup of tea.