Finger-Flick Sports: All-American Edition


The All-American Edition contains three games: Finger-Flick Baseball, Finger-Flick Football and Finger-Flick Basketball.

In Finger-Flick Baseball, the batter flicks a disk from home plate trying to hit specific targets representing base hits. If he hits into the field away from any target, then the defender tries to flick the disk to an "out" target.

In Finger-Flick Basketball, the offensive team tries to pass the ball to their players and then shoot it into their basket. The defensive players attempt to stop their opponent from completing passes and taking shots.

In Finger-Flick Football, the offense tries to flick the ball to their players, moving down the field until scoring a touchdown or field goal. The defense's object is to knock the offensive player off his player targets and prevent him from scoring.


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