Big City

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Nice game about building a city, components look nice. YOu score points by building buildings on tiles corresponding to the numbers of your cards, with a bonus for placing special buildings and building in specific locations (residential at the outskirts, office in the center) so thematically correct.


Pretty bits with huge luck of the draw. The building prerequisites are pretty obtuse, too; and during the endgame lots of players have nothing to do but screw other people over, which introduces a kingmaker element. It was still rather fun, though, largely due to its brevity and lack of weight.


Nice game of building a city. The plastic buildings are great. I think this game shines with 3 players, is good with 4 players, and suffers with 5 players.


Keep the player count low (randomness rapidly increases with each player) and this is really a quite fun (and beautiful!) game of city building.  The theme works wonders as you see the city taking shape with the super cool plastic components.


Rating after 1 play. I think it is a good game. Light but with some interesting decisions. I like the idea of the boards and how you can bring them in at any time. However, it doesn't appear to be my type of game but it requires more playings to make sure. 2011-02-06 - Bought at game day from wrevilo. 2011-10-24 - Rating 6.5 -> 7 because wife likes it. 2018-06-26 - Sold; CG