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INCREDIBLY FIDDLY game. So many effects, rules, etc - it takes about an hour to start to play without having to check the rulebook for everything you forget. I would highly recommend to use the now-official helper app, which saves a ton of time in setup, although the app itself is a bit strange and fiddly to use.I love the puzzle aspect from the cards in your hand - that was (to me) obviously referenced by Mage Knight's similar mechanism of card playing.The game is super fun, and managing the scenarios feels awesome because it’s always so close.


Rating based on 1st plays, two with a friend and one with my son. We had fun discovering the game and I'd like to play more, to explore the game and the characters. Will take me quite some time before the solo game is unlocked.Definitely an intriguing game, feels a bit like a video game. A slow starter, but a promising one. Difficult to get this one to the table (as I can't play it solo yet), so considering to trade it away.




My buddy owns this and we were all super pumped to play, but after 4-5 scenarios, we really lost all desire to it play it anymore.


w/ Meeple Realty Insert and Removable Sticker Set, includes the health/xp dials (set of 4), solo scenarios, and solo scenario item cards.


2nd Edition - Kickstarted!


A beast to set up, but the rules aren't overly complicated. The setting and story aren't always apparent, but the decision space that makes up the combat is incredibly tactile. The feeling of accomplishment is very rewarding when playing.


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I have enjoyed my time with this. However the setup time is killer. Once I can have a dedicated spot where I can leave games up then this will probably get played more again.


Having played trough a dozen or so scenarios, I can safely say this game is fantastic. its a lot of mess on the table, but its clear and very much not a mess in your mind when it comes to playing the game. 3 of us meet up weekly to play 2-3 scenarios. I've never not had an enjoyable time with this game. Update 2-/06/2019. I like this game so much I bought a second copy to play with another group. I'f I'm buying two copies to play thats gotta be a 9-10 out of 10 right?


First play: not seeing the hype Second play: Um... this is exciting!


This is amazing, and the definitive campaign-style fantasy combat game. The scenarios are well-calibrated (challenging but doable), rewards are tough to earn but within sight, and the amount of stuff to do is extraordinary. The core cardplay, which I falsely perceived as giving a sort of timer to the game that I generally don't prefer, is really clever and encourages interesting tradeoffs that culminate in a cinematic orgy of powerful effects.


A fantastic dungeon crawler with deep decision making. Hours and hours of content.


1-4p Sleeves


Initially I was a bit disappointed with Gloomhaven despite everyone else in my group loving it immediately. It’s not that I dislike the game. I just felt it fell dramatically short of the hype. However I’ve found my enjoyment of the game has been steadily increasing with every play since and I now really really enjoy the game. The hype is still pretty absurd IMO, but I would probably rank it in my top 10 nonetheless. It’s a great game.


[SOLD@26/10/2018] sold due to my group already have 2 copies... not so complicated game which have super complicated components! The big box offer a lot great contents but i think the components could be simplify or even improve. The component have kinda cheap/flimsy feeling. The rule is not difficult but easy to miss small rule like mage knight... actually i do have a feeling like playing mage knight just the area is no open area feeling is more in a dungeon. The way of the cards and initiative work is brilliant !! Overall a great game !


Initial rating after 5 plays, 3 wins, 2 losses


I'd give it a 10 if it were a little less dark.


Gloomhaven is overwhelming in it's combined amount of content, available strategy, and surprisingly straightforward gameplay. It's a massive game with 100+ hours of content, huge replayability, impressive scalability, and what appears to be a continuous future of exciting material to expand the adventures. As large and overwhelming as Gloomhaven first appears, it's cleverly pieced together and portrayed in extremely clean and simple ways. The gameplay is satisfying and the card management and multiple heroes and enemies allow for a wide array of outcomes and synergies that could never be experienced in a single playthrough. The only thing docking a full and final glorious star is the amount of tediousness tied into the nature of this beast. Without an exceptional organizational solution like what Broken Token provides this games setup and tear down would be unbearable. Without elegant digital app solutions for maintaining enemy decks and other items even more time and table space is needed to get through each scenario. If I wasn't playing with an individual who loves managing rules and enemy AI I wouldn't have the patience to figure out how each enemy moves and attacks and in what order and so on and so forth. There's a lot of necessary minutiae that's required to make this game work, and that can be a lot to handle without the right tools and people involved. But if you've got the right group, Gloomhaven is sure to offer dozens of scenarios filled with hours of enjoyable adventures and satisfying experiences.


Wow! So much going on here. Set up/clean up is a beast but worth it. The card play is very clever.


Excellent game; only reason it doesn't get a 10 is because you just can't bring this out for everyone--it requires a dedicated group with a lot of time.


Everything about the combat/action cards are brilliant. Even with the tedium of setup, this is an easy 10.


Location: Kallax


Second printing, includes book of solo scenarios. Found it much easier to enjoy once I started using an online tool to handle the monster battle decks.


Includes Meeple Realty insert


Fantastic execution. Great theme, great gameplay. It takes far, far too long to set up and tear down.


Hands down, this is the most enjoyable board game I've ever played, and I would say that whether looking at any of my individual play sessions or as a collection of plays as a whole. While this one certainly won't be for everyone (as is the case with any game), I believe it provides exceptional levels of fun that easily overshadow any complexities encountered.


Its a very good game with a lot to explore but too hard to gather enough people and commit to the game for a very long time


The more I play it the more I enjoy it


Wow. Just wow. Lot of content for the price. Super fun game.


Alex owns. An endless, thoroughly enjoyable adventure. Like playing DnD without any of the setup or tinkering. An instant classic of a game. Fantastic.


Kickstarter 9/30/15


Started out hating Gloomhaven. Now it is a game I look forward to our next session before we break from the current session. The mechanics were a bit rough to get used to, not hard, just rough. Now that I am though the scenarios go a fair bit faster and everything just feels as though it is flowing better.


Sooo much content. And it's soo good!


Right now it's a nine. I think the gameplay is awesome and it leads to some really interesting turns. But man is it heavy. I think with time it will go up.


K/S copy with minis. To start with , it can feel a bit marmite and adjusting the difficulty to the party play style can take a few missions. In a our introductory games, as a Brute, the game seemed to be straight forward and our party of 3 worked well together. I like the way it's possible to tweak the difficulty to various tastes. Starting our 4 player campaign, proved difficult, especially as players concerntrated on achieveing personal objectives over group cohesion on a more difficult setting. Which made for some fun role playing and led to our first run of failed missions. This feels like D&D in a box.




Painted minis.


A dungeon crawler in a world you can alter, with atypical characters, branching progression and very interesting card play. Each turn is a puzzle and you are racing the turn clock, no action can be wasted. Mechanisms feel thematic but also puzzly. Production is great, especially for the price. Box is HUGE. Massive amount of cardboard standees and cards and counters, like 25lbs worth! Keeping track of everything feels procedural and unwieldy, but its all worth it. EPIC. Can be slow playing because of wordy cards if players are AP prone. Any game suffers when it slows down, and Gloomhaven can do so.


This game starts out punishingly hard, but as you learn how to work your characters, the power combos become exciting and invigorating, and every time I wrap up a four hour session, I can't wait until I play the next one.


It is as good as everyone says it is.


1-4, 30m/Spieler


Holy overrated, Batman. It's okay, but anyone getting into this because of its high ranking should do a lot more research before plunking down $140 for this game. Gloomhaven essentially distills Mage Knight's combat into its own europuzzly game of hand management. Somehow, even though MK is more deterministic than GH (there are no random elements or hidden information in MK), GH feels more like it's about optimization than MK. I'm into both of these titles for the solo play, and Mage Knight is far, far superior as a solo game, but playing a game is generally longer than GH. GH it gets repetitive in a hurry. Each individual session is largely like the one before it,. Sure, the monsters move and attack differently, but "solving" the puzzle doesn't feel much different from session to session. If you happen get stuck on a scenario (like, say the very first one), then it can feel like a chore. On the plus side, at least Gloomhaven not simply a game of "bad things happen, fix bad things," like Pandemic/Spirit Island/Robinson Crusoe, etc. The legacy aspects of the game are, of course, dumb. Narrative arc is not a strong suit of board game designers, but I don't expect much out of them anymore. The storyline here is simply a framework for the campaign, which is where the "game" is. Level up your characters and go kill some monsters, level up some more. Leveling up is the "fun" part.


Really enjoying how this is challenging right from the off. Even the starting scenario's are close in terms of being able to win. The story and character development touches are also good.


First Impression (7.5): I am worried this game will be samey, but I really look forward to be able to upgrade my character.


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This really is as good as people say. I've retired my first character and it's just getting even better. Cannot help but feeling like a little kid giddy with excitement for what's to come!


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Before Gloomhaven I've never played any dungeon crawling game so this was a big gamble when I initially bought it. Luckily it's been a big hit with our current party of 4 and we have play sessions of 10+ hours to finish the campaign. Looking forward to all the unlocks and story evolution. Lot's of contents in the base game with two expansions (Forgotten Circles & Unnamed Big Expansion) underway. The only real drawback of the game is the setup time and monster AI movement / rules that are really difficult to grasp.


(9/17) 9. I can't believe how much is crammed into that, admittedly very large, box. A wonderful synergy of board game and role playing game. My #19 favorite game of all time.


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