MASTERPIECE: "Going once, going twice...SOLD!" For years families have thrilled to the excitement and fun of the MASTERPIECE game. Now you can join the tradition and make your mark in the high-stakes world of an international art auction, where the excitement is in the bidding -- and the fun is in the bluffing! Rembrandt...Cezanne...Monet. Tonight, 24 works by the world's greatest painters will go on the auction block. And with a shrewd eye for a deal, you can bid and bluff your way to the largest fortune in paintings and cash. See a picture you like? What will you bid -- $1 million? $10 million? Of course, it could turn out to be a worthless forgery. Try to buy low and sell high...and if you can pass off a fake as the real thing, take the money and run! It's the classic MASTERPIECE game...Now, who'll start the bidding? Game includes: Game board 6 Movers 24 Painting cards Display easel 42 Value cards 6 Value charts Millions in play money die

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Masterpiece: the Classic Art Auction Game, 1996 Edition

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