Francis Drake

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7. After initial first play. This was a 5 player game in which I got well & truly crushed. Interesting choices, but suspect with fewer players it has a different feel.


3-5 player* (best 5-6) 3-6 with expansion 90-120 minutes


3-5, 90-120m


(10/16) 9. (10/17) Raise to 10. I just get so much joy from playing this game. I love everything about it. On a shallow level, I just love the nautical theme, the tiny boats, the coins, the glass beads, everything. But I also LOVE the resources track that always changes and that you need to carefully consider how big a jump you want to take to grab that item you want at the expense on passing up so much. Then there's the bluffing of the combat phase and the simple, deterministic combat. Just makes me happy. My #6 favorite game of all time.