Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig

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+ Love the collaboration of the the game - it's fun to build together + tiles work well together+ great player aid - very clear - tiles too small - wish there were some variant ways for setups to increase replayability


Better at high player counts, Similar to 7 Wonders, funny experiences as castle grows, scoring is difficult to explain


September 2019 $23.36


More thematically engaging than Cities, but I'm still not sold on the almost-co-op mechanism.


Fun castle building and a great mix between two good games. Too much down time as people figure out all the various combinations but specially when figuring out the bonuses.


I hereby decree that you only play wonderful games from this point forward! *bangs gavel on table* Or...I suppose if I'm a Queen... *bangs staff on floor?* I digress. Were I truly a Queen maybe I could make that decree, but since I am not (SIGH) I'm just highly suggest that you do that. Lucky for you, Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig (from here on out referred to as either Between Two Castles or simply B2C) falls in that category. A very interesting cross between 2 different games, Between Two Castles is a multi-mechanic game you'll be eager to get to the table again and again. Let's take a look! ...


A great successor of Between Two Cities. The trays the game comes with are top notch. Definitely one of the best games component- and game-play wise as well.