The Downfall of Pompeii

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I'm so glad I picked this up. It's quite a tactical game which gives you so much that you can do on your turn. All phases provide interesting decisions to the player. Plus, My wife and child love throwing my citizens into the volcano. Hmm... Okay, maybe I'm not glad I picked this up.


only played at yacata.debut there is something in this game. it's worth a look if you like puzzle games with low levels of luck.


Game play takes place over two distinct halves of the game. First is getting people into the city of Pompeii, hopefully making use of the "Relative" rule to add even more than just one per turn. Second is doing your best to get all your people out through the gates of the city and putting lava tiles on top of the other players pieces. Fairly simple gameplay although possibly not the best for introducing people new to the hobby.


A really fun game. great 2 player Need to play a number of games to get the feel of the strategy. Sometimes, it can be hard to recover from a bad initial deal or if the other player plays too many omen cards on you.


Fun family game. Would play it again but you need the right group and the light fluffy mood to play it ;)


The game itself is fine. It's very 'take that' in nature, as players literally burn opponents pieces alive, and throw their charred remains into a hilarious excuse for a volcano, but that's all part of the fun. The pre-eruption phase of the game is pretty neat, and hosts most of the strategy offered in the game. Trying to balance the want for shear numbers and the need for exit access, makes placing your people fairly interesting, and the Omen cards allow for some tactical play here as well. The post-eruption phase is just anarchy, and hosts most of the game's theatre. Its a good mix of game and show, but nothing worth clamoring about.


(7/16) 7. (10/17) Drop to 6. Feel like this is a funcation of not playing it in a while. Think I'd enjoy it if I broke it out again, love the aggressiveness of throwing your friends in the volcano!