Think Again!


Think Again! is a party trivia game in which all players know all the right answers but where the right answer is not always what you are looking for. Players take turns reading questions. After a player finishes reading a question, he reveals the back of the next question card, which indicates whether the other players need to answer correctly or incorrectly.

- If the question card shows a green dot or the genius, players must give the correct answer. For the question "What color are the Smurfs?", the first player to answer blue scores a point.
- If the question card shows a red dot or the dunce, players must give a wrong answer. For the question above, the first player to answer any color EXCEPT blue scores a point.

If you speak too quickly and give a correct answer when an incorrect one is required (or vice versa), you lose 1 point. After each player has asked five questions, the player with the most points wins.

50 Questions Catds (300 Questions)
6 Rule Cards

MSRP: $14.99Lowest: $11.99

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