Star Wars: Rebellion

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Star Wars: Rebellion is an incredibly thematic and engaging game. I can see why those who love Star Wars and American style games would absolutely love this. Rebellion does explosive moments of triumph and defeat better than 95% of games on the market. I lean closer to enjoying games with minor elements of luck. Unfortunately for me, Rebellion has dice combat, a lot of random card drawing, and unpredictable opponent play. One of Rebellion's biggest draws is how impressively the board game mirrors the original trilogy. The Rebels get constantly beaten down until mid-way through the game. Then an underdog tale develops. While I appreciate how Rebellion consistently matches the bigger Star Wars picture, as a Rebel player I just don't enjoy myself during that brutal first half.Additionally I have qualms with the difficulty of grasping the game. I'm someone quite familiar with rule heavy strategic games. Learning Star Wars: Rebellion was far more challenging than it should have been. There are too many edge cases and fiddly rules that I believe could have been streamlined out. Those jankey rules bog down the experience and add to a playtime that's far, FAR too long.


Really like the replayability of this game. The fact that you can choose the Empire or the Rebel Alliance to play and have totally different strategies to win according to wich side you're on is really cool. The miniatures are really good, quality plastic. This game is for people who love strategy. It is not fast paced and requires some thinking and the turns take some time. Also there is the possibility of not having enough miniatures to play if you are conquering a lot of systems.


2 players only. 120-180 minutes, Star Wars in a box!Rating based on a solo run through and two games, once with my son and once with a friend. VERY cool game and very thematic. Once you have played a few rounds, it plays rather intuitive. Given the length (3 hours easily) and only 2p, it won't hit the table much, but still very happy that this one is in my collection.




I've only played twice, once as the Empire and once as the Rebels. I enjoyed both plays. Each game was probably 2.5 to 3 hours long (maybe longer), but it didn't feel like it was that long as you are constantly engaged. Great feeling being the Empire, as you grow and grow, but I felt anxious just about the whole time as the Rebels. This is an outstanding game IMO.


Time investment alone keeps this from being a perfect 10 for me. What an amazing game.


DUDE.. its head to head 2 player STAR WARS by Fantasy Flight. 'Nuff said.


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This game is Star Wars in a box. I love how the empire is searching for the rebel base and has to tactically move their units in order to find that rebel scum. I feel like the theme comes alive and the rules are pretty straight forward. I like that dice play a heavy roll in the game play, but they allow for mitigation, and its not heavily random.


Have the Meeple Realty organizer for it and sleeved cards. Fits both base and Rise of the Empire with room to spare.





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Excellent game. It's harder to play as the Empire though.


Extremely thematic. Great sense of playing through the Rebellion itself. My only downside is the combat is a bit clunky.


Played as the Rebellion on my first play, wow wow wow. I have never been so stressed while having so much stinking fun in a board game. The pressure was unreal! Feeling constantly under the pump. I think it is ridiculous that I won, given the state of the board at the end of the game. I only lower this to an 8 and not an out and out 10 because I want to play the Empire to see if it feels as fun on that side. ----- The second game was as Empire and almost won. I just got a little too trigger happy on the blowing up planets business...


Sadly, my wife and I realized that this type of game was not for us. Other then that, amazing production.


Constant tension and variable strategy. In general, I find Star Wars as a preferred theme over LOTR, but no game is more closely integrated with the theme and characters than War of the Ring. That said, I would always be willing to play Rebellion


5.24.18 GAMEPLAY In the two-player game Star Wars: Rebellion, players take on either the forces of the Empire or the rag-tag Rebellion. The Empire wins the game by tracking down the Rebel Base, while the Rebels are trying to complete objectives in order to outlast the imperial onslaught. In each round there are three phases. In the first phase, leaders are assigned to missions; in the second, forces are moved and combat is possibly initiated; and in the third, leaders are potentially recruited, ground and space forces are possibly built, and the Empire sends out drones to close in on the Rebels, while the Rebels get objective to hopefully speed up the end game. THOUGHTS SW:R is a sprawling game in fine FFG tradition. There are half a dozen or more decks, just as many tokens, two boards, cardboard standees, and plastic miniatures. The missions feel like the most enjoyable part of the game despite the fact that their success is based on dice-roll skill checks. Movement is extremely limited, which is good for the Rebels as their forces are so limited but bad for the Empire as it can feel like you’re just crawling at a snail’s pace. Recruiting new leaders felt just ho-hum: I guess I’ll take Chewie because he gives me more fists for my next fist skill-check. Yay… The project cards are cool because they let the Empire do some pretty powerful things, while the objective cards give the Rebels something to do other than evading the Empire. Over all, I don’t know if I need to play it again, but I did enjoy the thematic madness of SW:R and enjoyed my time with it. PROS -Components and art are, as ever with FFG, through the roof. -The rulebook is incredibly clear and easy to parse. I felt like I always knew where to look to find something. -There is a metric TON of variability in the game from the different mission decks to the varying set ups and scenarios. -Mission card system allows players to do interesting things on their turns even if deciding through dice whether they happen or not is not exciting. -Combat is simple to understand and the tactical cards add a nice little bit of luck mitigating. NEUTRAL -This folds into my point about movement below but, because the Empire moves so slowly, I don’t see why as the Rebel player you wouldn’t always put your base as far from Coruscant as possible. I suppose there is some groupthink going on here; if the Empire player knew the Rebel player did that often enough, it would be easy for the Empire to steam roll right into the other side of the board. CONS -Leaders in and of themselves are not interesting at all; they’re just variations on how well you do skill checks. I didn’t feel much difference playing Lando versus Mon Mothma. -As a counterpoint to my variability comment above, because the objective cards always come out in the same three stages, it could be samey for the Rebel player. -Movement is incredibly limiting but I understand why it is the way it is.


Best: 2 Time: 180-240 Min Weight: 3.69


It's basically star wars in a box. super fun!


BRENNAN / 2P / 8.6 / 2p / 180-240m / Overall 5 / Thematic 3 / 3.55 (Rated one of the best games for 2016, Popular Mech Best 50 Games April 2017)


For a game that has quite a long play time, it certainly doesn't feel like it. 30/5/16 - 2 games in as the Imperial's each time. I've really enjoyed this


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Rating with expansion


Everything I wanted in a board game.


Broken Token box insert, and expansion. All cards sleeved.




As soon as the game finished I wanted to play again. Really interested to try a few other strategies out. The best part is this really feels like you are in the middle of the first movie.


Might move to 9 with the combat changes from the first expansion


Loved it! doesnt tell the story I would like but is a nice game of hide and seek!


Learning curve for new inexperienced gamers is higher than expected. - Long play time makes it hard to get to the table and learn the ropes. With experiences players, it can be played in 3 to 4 hours. - The box says 2-4 players, but it is really 2-player. I would only play with more to give new players a smooth introduction to learn the rules.


Have Zen-Bin organizer


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