Archaeology: The New Expedition board game
Archaeology: The New Expedition board game

Archaeology: The New Expedition

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Have you ever wondered what secret the Egyptian Desert might hold? This new edition of Archaeology introduces you to the life of an archaeologist digging excavation sites in the search of most precious artifacts. Will you be able to sell them at the highest price, though? Not if a thief robs your goods and treasures before you even get to the marketplace!

​What's up? Over the past few months, Z-Man Games took great pleasure in revisiting our beloved card game Archaeology, working hard on news ways to enhance your classic treasure hunt experience. The end result is a redesigned 2 to 5 players card game with beautifully drawn new illustrations and refreshing variants to its unique mechanics.

What's new? Following Phil Walker-Harding's original designs, the talented Atha Kanaani took on the task of creating new, elegant, artworks and illustrations, giving Archaeology a long awaited, modernized look and feel.

New artifacts also make their entrance to enrich the already wide range of marketable relics, as well as brand new monuments where to dig them up, such as the Tomb or the Ruins, which bring even more depth to the original mechanics.

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  • In the first two turns of Archaeology, my opponents had 40+ points over me. Losing doesn't bother me. A game that feels decidedly unfair does. I have a lot of time and respect for this game's designer. Unfortunately a design that parades it's luck elements around, is extremely unappealing to me.
  • Enjoy this very much for a simple card collecting game that doesn't last long.
  • A good filler with a decent market system that's easy to teach. Some of the building tiles are significantly more interesting than others. Not a big fan of having to sift through the deck to set it up for each play considering the short play time. Addendum: at this point I have minimal desire to play this game. I'll play it if requested, but only with certain monument tiles.
  • 2-5 players 20 minutes
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