Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails

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A refreshing take on the TTR series. The harbours add additional ways to score points and both maps play very differently from each other. Having boats as well as trains (with the player deciding how many of each to take) allows for some strategic freedom. Only downside I've encountered is that your hand is too big to hold all the train & boat cards. Would have preferred if they figured out a way to make 1 card deal with both rather than 2 sets of cards. World map is the best one, I recommend playing that over the great lakes. Would have loved to see an expanded version of the TTR Europe map instead of the Great Lakes map. Recommended for those that love TTR.


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Rails & Sails manages to keep true to the Ticket to Ride model, while also deviating enough to make it more interesting. The sheer variation of cards (train, boat, double boat, wild, port card, etc) give players a lot of usage options, while not being so overwhelming or complex to change the game's target audience. There a few more elements to satiate the core gaming crowd, but this is definitely still in the gateway wheelhouse. My main gripes with the original game have not been addressed, but its definitely a step in the right direction.