Campaign Manager 2008

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by t2

Christmas gift for Sam 2014 (Tanga). To House Rules Cafe 4/18.


Quick, approachable, fun and theme-filled--a great combination for a two-player card game. I am concerned by some of the claims of the BGG community that demographics is too weak, and while it has proved very influencial I can see where they're coming from. So far, I'm pleased. [EDIT] Yup, dominant strategy seems to be to always take and play the cards that let you draw more cards. Esteem dropping.


Plays in about an hour at the outside... fast-paced, has a deck-building mechanic, and requires some intelligent state selection and perhaps a little bluffing (you have a "Women" demographic card, so picking a state which defaults to "Women" is inviting your opponent to change it... perhaps you go the other way and pick one with "Seniors" hoping your opponent changes it to "Women"). I was not fond of either candidate, I don't particularly like the subject matter, but that does NOT stop me from enjoying this as a wonderful game! Nice job to Jason, Christian, and Zev for bringing this to all of us!


I enjoyed my sole play of this game. But the idea of relaxing by sitting down to a game that recreates the 2008 election is not so appealing to me. So, good game, but it fails in theme department for me.