Dominion: Intrigue

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2-4 players, deck building, 30-45 minutes, medium heavyTo me, Dominion was an acquired taste. Starting to like the game more and more. My son also likes the game, especially the "light" version (Kingdom of Dominion), which also comes in a much smaller box and thus is easy to take with you on a trip or holiday. Therefore, although I do like the Intrigue expansion, I consider trading away this one.


by paka

Loved 1st set better as games were faster. Tho it has some very nice cards aswell.


Moved on to bigger and better things. I'll get rid of the core too once Emily lets me.


Great expansion--additional texture and options. Playing with only the Intrigue cards would likely lead to a cumbersome, overlong game, so why is it a stand-alone? Minor ripoff, but still a good value.


The name says it all. Dominion: Intrigue provides a new set of Kingdom cards to Dominion that are really intriguing, giving choices a lot of the time. Your opponent plays a Torturer, do you discard two cards from your hand, or take a -1 point Curse card? It's a great twist on the game.


I really like Dominion at this point. I do not know what happened exactly, but it is now a pleasant gaming experience for me. Not a favorite of mine, but certainly MUCH better than my first impressions of the game.


Bought: 2009-09-28 2013-08-28 - Sold (selling Dominion collection)


It seems that the attacks are nastier than the base game but there isn't a great deal of difference. There are two cards in this set that I will almost always refuse to play with though; Saboteur and Swindler.




Love the interaction these cards add to the base game.