Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection


Give me Liberty or Give Me Death!

A bitter conflict erupts between colonists and the British over the fate of the American colonies. The Revolutionary War, as it is often referred to, spanned from 1775-1783 and would decide whether the American colonies would become self-governed or the British would retain control, squashing the rebellion with the iron fist of their global empire.

GMT Games invites you to relive the furious battle for American independence as one of four factions in a COIN series game that depicts the political, military, and economic affairs of the American Insurrection. This is Liberty or Death!
Fight for your Faction!

One to Four players assume the role of one of the four factions that took part in the war: The Patriots, The British, The French, and The Native Americans. The French and The Patriots are allied together through their common enemy of the British, while the Native Americans team up with the lesser of two evils in their eyes, the British.

Factions will jockey for position in the colonies as they attempt to reach their disparate goals. For instance, the Americans want to expand and control territory by building forts and they want Opposition to exceed Support. The French share their goal of Opposition, but their secondary goal is the cause the British as many casualties as possible. In this way, the factions will attempt to further their aims and stand victorious at the end of the war!

Manage Casualties
There will be many battles ahead of you, and casualties are inevitable. The body count is an important thing to consider, for some factions care deeply about seeing their opponents bleed. Pick your battles wisely and manage the number of casualties on both sides if you want to meet your goals and keep your opponents from meeting theirs.

Gain Opposition or Support
Like casualties, Opposition and Support are an important thing to keep track of. Both sides of the conflict have a stake in the balance between Opposition and Support, and victory will most likely go to the factions that manage it best. Rally people to your cause as The Patriots and the French in order to increase Opposition to the British. Attempt to gain Support as the British and Native Americans in order to squash the rebellion.

Conquer Territory
There is a secondary battle raging as the American Revolution carries on. The Patriots are trying to expand their territory and set up forts in order to strengthen their hold on the colonies and overturn the British rule. However, the Native Americans want the opposite. The Native Americans must attempt to hold on to their land and maintain more villages than The Patriots have forts in order to preserve their claim.


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