Carthage board game

The Carthage theater awakens. Crowds flood inside to witness the grand spectacle of axe against gladius, of life pitted against death: where speed, skill and the favor of the crowds determine one's fate. Gladiators take to battle in the hex-based theater as weak combatants, but as their actions gain crowd favor, they develop their tactics (player deck) into a lethal combination of damage, armor, and movement.​ Carthage is a deckbuilding board game, each player deck mimics what moves a player’s Gladiator will undertake in the arena, giving a progressive game experience. This game uses blended mechanics of deck building, hand management, and a whole lot of ruthless "take-that" combat. Featuring a unique modular ruleset which allows players to be matchmaker and alter the game complexity, play time, and strategic depth! Carthage is a game that players of all skill levels can learn and enjoy. Easy to learn… Easy to die!


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