Bohnanza: 20 Jahre board game
Bohnanza: 20 Jahre board game

Bohnanza: 20 Jahre

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Bohnanza, designer Uwe Rosenberg and publisher AMIGO Spiel have released a special edition of the game appropriately titled Bohnanza: 20 Jahre.

The rules for play are the same as those of Bohnanza: Players start with a hand of bean cards, and they cannot change the order of cards in their hand! Each bean card has a number that indicates how many cards of that type are in the deck, as well as a "beanometer" on the bottom of the card that tells you how many Talers you earn when you harvest those beans from your field. The more beans of a type that you have, the more Talers you earn.

On a turn, a player must plant the first card in hand into one of their fields, and they may plant the second card. All cards in a field must be of the same type. The player then reveals two cards from the deck and optionally trades those cards and cards in their hand with cards in the hands of other players; all traded cards must be planted, not returned to hand. Players can trade cards from anywhere in their hand, and doing so lets you set up good plays in future turns. To end a turn, a player draws cards and places them at the back of their hand. You can harvest a field at any time to collect Talers, keeping some cards to represent these coins and returning others to the discard pile to be recycled when the deck is shuffled.

Bohnanza: 20 Jahre adds one new type of bean to the game: the spring bean. Whenever a player harvests two spring beans, they draw cards from the deck equal to one more than the number of players. They plant one of these cards for themselves, then pass the cards around the table so that each other player can do the same. The final card is returned to the active player, who keeps it for a Taler.


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