The Godfather: Corleone's Empire

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Quite a good area control type game with good pseudo random elements which change the circumstances from game to game but still give the players much control over the situation. This one is worth trying out.


Weight: 2.61 / 5


I think I have played it 3 or 4 times and I enjoy the theme and game play a lot. I just love the car bomb job!


This game is CUTTHROAT. The theme is definitely present in this game, and does make the game so much better. I love that this game is so tactical, and is not just a straight up conflict. deciding which orders to carry out, and when to add to your suitcase make the game so interesting. Honestly this game is one of my favorites, and I loved the Godfather IP before this game came out so now its just fantastic. I am sure the more I play this the more I am going to love this game.




1.29.18 Mechanics are simple: place a Thug (square base) in a business and get that benefit, place a Capo (circular base) on a border to get all the back-end benefits in the connecting areas, or complete a job and change the board state. At the end of every round, count up the influence of your Thugs and Capos and, if you're ahead of your opponent, place an influence marker in that area. Now, every time an opponent sends a Thug to a business in that area, you get the benefit too. In between rounds, allies are auctioned off that further let you mess with the board state. The main scoring mechanism is banking the money cards you get in hand by placing Thugs and Capos in locations with the briefcase icon. You also get money at the end of the game for having the most influence in the area and for having the most jobs completed of one color type. All that sounds good and pretty straightforward but what is the ultimate undoing of the game is the theme and how it plays upon the mechanics. Since we're playing gangsters of course there have to be drive-bys, gun-downs, and car bombs. One simple card pull can devastate your best-laid plans in the blink of an eye while adding one more job card to the player who completed it. This makes for a very swingy game that relies a bit too much on what cards you pull. I could play it once or twice more but I've had my fill as it is.


A unique worker placement experience. You have to go in expecting the take-that and area control. But, it's hard to target your attacks without knowing who's "ahead." Overall quite fun!


2-5 players (best 4) 60-90 minutes


[Pending to sleeve] Thinkin' about get the job deck with alternative art...


Dec 2018, $20