Smash Up

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Felt like Munchkin in space with less happening sometimes.


Initially played this and LOVED it. Subsequent plays not only took forever (even with custom printed base counters) but also turned into a big mathy memorization mess with every expansion. Slow and painful


6.9 / 2-4p Best 3 / 45m / 2.03


The card combos are definitely entertaining, but it tends to run too long for the kind of game that it is. Best played with at least one random faction per deck as certain combos are objectively better than others, though that's kind of inevitable. Innsmouth Locals for life!


Overall, this game is fine. The decks are interesting with plenty of pop-culture references, and the game play is straight-forward. The biggest issue I had was with how often you seem to get stuck with nothing to do. That could be based on the combinations I played, but it's a pretty big drawback when you're not going to take the time to figure out which combinations are worth playing.


Obviously not everyone's cup of team, but I love light combat games, and Smash Up does a pretty good job of it. I also really like the variable powers.


Only play with 3


interesting idea, I wonder if Epic PVP would scratch the same itch and do it better?


I vehemently dislike Smash Up. The cards are drowning in card text and the area majority mechanism feels poorly applied here. Using two factions each game sounds fun, but the combos rarely exceed the sum of their parts. There is a glaring need for some type of hand refresh mechanism; I often find myself with a hand full of ability cards and I'm forced to simply wait for a minion to be drawn.


The only thing that has convinced me to play this game several times over the past years is the artwork. Otherwise there's nothing that makes me want to play it again. The decks are unbalanced, so unless you happen to know the tactics of every deck it's extremely easy to end up with two decks that lack minions, causing you to sit there bored for most of the game. Overall it just seems like a very sluggish, unbalanced, my numbers beat your numbers card game with nice artwork.


It's fun, it's quick, it has some good depth and heaps of take-that. Added it straight to the "buy" list after 1 play. Great art, simple to understand rules. Good with a group and older kids.


Good game but the take-that is a little too strong for me.