Hands in the Sea

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Includes the 1st Edition upgrade kit from the KS for the 2nd Edition. This was an exceptionally pleasant surprise. No game has felt quite the same yet, but they've all felt very tight. The asymmetry between the 2 sides is great and feel very thematic. This is a game that DEFINITELY benefits from repeated plays. IMO though, it's more than worth repeating.


by Port

Very easy to teach (relative to other wargames), and very challenging as either Carthage or Rome. I'd say Rome has the upper hand, so when teaching the game, I like playing as Carthage. Very loyal to the subject matter as well, I wholeheartedly recommend getting the companion guide as well!


Initial rating after one play. Improves on A Few Acres. Love everything about this game.


Martin Wallace's realization that deckbuilding + wargame = top-level gaming experience should have been as revolutionary to the gaming scene as We the People was. It's sad that only Daniel Berger and Martin Wallace himself have tried to recreate the system in some way. Hands in the Sea is (more or less) a straight re-implementation of A Few Acres of Snow, with a bit of historical chrome added to adapt it to a different conflict, and of course it's not irreparably broken. There was so much promise in A Few Acres of Snow, and to have it realized here is very satisfying. This game is intense and difficult and frustrating and amazing.