Western Legends

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We all agreed it was worth the money and the owner promptly sold it.




Terrific game. There are so many different strategies that can work, and I want to go back and try a few more.


Perhaps the theme wasn't engaging to me personally, but the mechanisms just seemed like a bunch of unrelated minigames.


Cowboys, Vikings, Pirates, Wizards, these are themes that get me excited. This game was one I am not sad to have played with one of those themes. In the game we played it felt like cattle was a little lacking, but that may have just been the players in the game, and not knowing what to do. Really though, being able to hold up a bank, get arrested and then become a law abiding citizen sounds fun to me.


A mechanically sound game that can provide a lopsided experience. The game requires a little bit a player balancing to keep the dynamics alive.


A few plays in and I am loving this game. The theme is the biggest hook for me, but the gameplay is also there to keep me coming back. I have seen the Marshall and Wanted tracks lead to victory in a 2p and 4p game. So, the various paths to victory is there. The only downside, I would say, is the thinness of the cardboard player boards. I have come to expect thick and chunky boards with many of the other KS projects I've backed. It's not essential to gameplay, but I would have rather seen this upgraded than the gold mining dice repeatedly upgraded to a ridiculously big size.


2-6 players (best 4) 60-90 minutes


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