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Not the cleanest of Feld's games, but fun enough. A little too much luck inolved than what I typically care for in a game of this length. Spacial aspect (building settlements on the islands) is uninteresting. The action cubes are a fun mechanic, as is the technology track. End game was less exciting, as a lot of the actions seemed worthless, and players took gold instead. End game was more interesting in subsequent plays, thankfully.


2-4 player, best with 4, medium heavy, Stefan Feld, 90-120 minutesRating based on 3 plays with 2-4 players, which was very entertaining. I tend to like Stefan Feld's designs and this one is no different. The cube tower is a unique feature, which works very well.The map scales well for the number of players, although the game really shines with 4. Although the games takes up quite a bit of shelf space, this is a keeper in my collection.


On the longer side but it's a relaxing, not overly complex point salad game. The tower is very cool and the actions feel thematic to me.


This game gets a lot of shit because it's not Feld enough, which is precisely why I like it.


I like "point salad" so there is no surprise that I like this game. You can't do everything well, so the game encourages each player to choose a strategy to follow. The random elements will displease some people, but the game is great fun.


2-4 players (best 4) 90 minutes


The tower mechanism is really fun and it's mostly why I enjoy this game, and the game is otherwise interesting enough. There's just so much scoring going on the entire game that it feels like there's not lots of important decisions happening.


A really fantastic experience with lots of different ways to get points. The cube tower is a wonderful mechanism that adds lots of good variability while still providing enough choices to overcome the randomness. The production quality is great the the variable board set up adds lots to the replayability.


This one beats the rest (of the new games I played that weekend) because of the pretty, variable map and the fun action mechanism.


the actions are just not very exciting to do. I won't be playing this again.


Why is the box so huge?


(10/17) 6. Really like the rondel and the cube tower of this one, though it didn't quite grab me as much as other Felds.