Nagaraja is a two-player game, taking place in India, where players move around the shifting paths of their temples in a race to cumulate treasure points. Score 25 treasure points (by adding up the points of revealed Relics and Amulets collected) to win the game. Each player has its own temple with locations for 9 temple rooms and randomly places his 9 Relics face down around his temple. Each round a new temple room is at stake.


1/ Players can get the temple room by sacrificing cards from their hand, which will determine the type and number of Fate sticks they will throw. Fate sticks are 4 faces dice with Fate points or Naga symbol. Once both players have chosen their cards, they reveal them and throw the Fate sticks shown on the chosen cards.

2/ Each Naga symbol on sticks can be used to activate a card still in the player’s hand, enabling the player to apply the card effect. Play continues in this way until both players have passed, ending the confrontation.

3/ The player with the most Fate points wins the room. He places the room in his temple and tries to create a path leading to a Relic to reveal (score) it and/or to collect Amulets.
Be careful not to reveal the 3 cursed Relics, otherwise you lose at once the game and will be damned for eternity!!!


Players must decide how to use the cards in their hands: for throwing sticks or activating their effects? Card effects can be applied on you or opponent's game and are relating to:

- Sticks results
- Relic positions
- Room positions
- Card drawing

Results on Fate sticks can be used to win the room at stake (using their Fate points) or to activate cards (using their Naga symbols). There are 3 types of sticks (number of Fate points or Naga faces are different for each type).


No temple room or Relic is locked in place, they can be moved/removed as you or your opponent activate cards… You could turn everything upside down!For example:

- Make the maze slide
- Swap the positions of relics
- Place a Trap room in your opponent’s Temple
- Change the results of the sticks
- Discard action cards from your opponent's hand
- Make him throw again his sticks…


• Have ever dreamed of being an Indiana Jones, chasing relics in an Indian modular temple...
• Adore putting a spoke in the wheels of your opponent…
• Love gameplays balanced between strategy (cruel choices, anticipation) and fun (bet, bluff, press your luck) ... then Nagaraja is the perfect game for you!

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