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Exaltation Awaits!

In a vast, fantastic world known as Creation, a breed of heroes is reborn amid the ruins of a corrupt empire. These Solar Exalted champion the downtrodden and rise up against the tyrants who wiped out the glorious heroes of old. Now the Solars set out to win back Creation, restore peace to their ancestral birthright, and reclaim their place in the sun.

Exalted: Legacy of the Unconquered Sun is a strategy board game for 2-5 players set in the world of Exalted®. Players assume the roles of Solar Exalted who set forth on adventures to win the blessing of their celestial patron. The player who succeeds at an epic quest is savior of the world and the Chosen of the Unconquered Sun!

This game includes:
• A fold-out board with a map of the Scavenger Lands, and the innovative “Action Wheel” that keeps track of players’ activities
• 5 different Solar Castes from which to choose, all with their own playing pieces and powers
• Dozens of Quests to pursue to win glory, and 5 Epic Quests that complete the game
• 30 Rivals, the creatures and villains who defy the Solars’ return
• Hundreds of cards, counters and playing pieces


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Exalted: Legacy of the Unconquered Sun

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