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Designer(s) Reiner Knizia
Publisher(s) Eagle-Gryphon Games, Rio Grande Games, Goldsieber Spiele
Players 3-5, Best With 5
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+
Money rules the world! it does not matter whether you collect euros, dollars or yen as long as the exchange rate is in your favor. and the more you exchange, the more you can make, if you plan carefully and keep your wits. for 3-5 players, this 30 minute game provides an enthralling experience for families and gamers alike. now published with beautiful new art, Money! is a necessary part of any game collection. Reiners trademark combination of simple rules provide for deep strategy and devilish intrigue works perfectly in this game. it can be quickly taught and used as a filler between longer games, or just as easily played over and over again with a running score and fill up an entire evening!money has been called the math game for people who do not like math because it reinforces basic concepts without ever letting numbers completely dominate the game. so whether it is played with a group of gaming buddies or a family of four, money represents the best in crossover experiences.


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