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One of th best 4-player card games out there. The version for more players is also quite fun, but doesn't have the strategic depth of the 4-player game.


Initial reaction was good. Beginners had a little bit of a struggle with the special cards. Need to get used to playing with runs, full houses and consecutive pairs. Need exactly 4 players.


I haven't played a lot of trick taking games, but really enjoy this each time we play.


Excellent partnership game with 4 or 6. Contains 2 standard decks of cards, plus 4 special cards.


Climbing game in partnerships, mostly about predicting who can go out first and making dramatic wagers on the outcome of hands. The card-play mechanism is engaging and flexible, so your hand is a puzzle with missing info, and playing with a partner makes solving that puzzle simultaneously easier and more difficult. I don't get to play this often enough (requires exactly 4 players), but it is a great game to play with two couples.


2008-08-04 - Rating 7.25 -> 8; just played a tense game and I was thinking about it for some time afterward! 2007-06-15 - Bought 2017-07-31 - Sold; BGG (giveaway)


In most ladder climbing games, it makes strategical sense to play weak cards early and 'climb' from there, but in Tichu, players are confined to one exact set-type each round, which I find very restrictive and dull. Instead of climbing, it feels as though players descend the ladder, which leaves the game feeling flat and void of tension. I enjoy the partner aspect of the game, but there are a myriad of superior partner games.


What can I say? I love trick taking games.