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Heart-pounding trick-taking action!!!I rate this as a 7 when playing to 500. Games to 1,000 points take too long, typically. Because of that, I rate it a 5 in that case. This game is a pain to teach. Even those familiar with traditional card games have a hard time with this because it adds "weird" cards like the Dragon, Poenix and Dog, as well as because the legal plays are different in this climbing game.


Ladder Climbing game with a bit of a twist. I enjoy it very much. I don't get to play it often enough.


Perfect. Some of the best gaming memories with my family come from this little card game. It's easy to learn but hard to master. So exciting to pull off various combos and to work with a partner as a team. Would never turn this game down.


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Tichu has its fans, but I cannot be counted among them. The game isn't bad, certainly -- but I don't personally find it great. Perhaps with the right group, it's much better than I've found it... and this is CERTAINLY a possibility.


I have a yearly small duel at one of the Portuguese Cons and that's becoming a classic!


This game just isn't very good, is it? Most card games have a release valve. Bidding, folding, shooting the moon, something. Tichu doesn't. Tichu just has you play hands according to reasonable heuristics until it mercifully ends. Compare to Chimera, which introduces great bidding systems and ways to make points on bad hands. It's no contest.


I can see this being appealing to people that grew up playing Hearts and Spades, but I never did so it does nothing for me.


Inside Condordia box (move 2017)


One of th best 4-player card games out there. The version for more players is also quite fun, but doesn't have the strategic depth of the 4-player game.


Initial reaction was good. Beginners had a little bit of a struggle with the special cards. Need to get used to playing with runs, full houses and consecutive pairs. Need exactly 4 players.


I haven't played a lot of trick taking games, but really enjoy this each time we play.


Excellent partnership game with 4 or 6. Contains 2 standard decks of cards, plus 4 special cards.


Climbing game in partnerships, mostly about predicting who can go out first and making dramatic wagers on the outcome of hands. The card-play mechanism is engaging and flexible, so your hand is a puzzle with missing info, and playing with a partner makes solving that puzzle simultaneously easier and more difficult. I don't get to play this often enough (requires exactly 4 players), but it is a great game to play with two couples.


2008-08-04 - Rating 7.25 -> 8; just played a tense game and I was thinking about it for some time afterward! 2007-06-15 - Bought 2017-07-31 - Sold; BGG (giveaway)


In most ladder climbing games, it makes strategical sense to play weak cards early and 'climb' from there, but in Tichu, players are confined to one exact set-type each round, which I find very restrictive and dull. Instead of climbing, it feels as though players descend the ladder, which leaves the game feeling flat and void of tension. I enjoy the partner aspect of the game, but there are a myriad of superior partner games.


What can I say? I love trick taking games.