Battle Line

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One of the all time great two play games, this plays very similarly to Lost Cities, but with a good deal more strategic depth.  The theme is pasted on, the production has a very cheap feel, but the "just one more card before I commit" hand management gameplay will keep you coming back for more time and again.


by Wis

Roland's medieval edition


Best filler 2 player game? Appeals to non-wargamers. Has the same feel as Lost Cities, another favorite of mine.


Terse play. Very tight. Excellent design.


While I don't like Lost Cities, I have a degree of tolerance for this game. The decision space is far larger and more interesting. I get why people really like this game, and I'd willingly play it with someone who suggested it, but it's not on my list of 2p games I'd ever break out on my own.


A set-building game themed to Greek warfare, with lots of opportunity for clever moves and just enough special powers to make the theme work well. It's a bit long and brain-burning to play often, but it's always fun. The iOS version makes the game much more portable and a bit faster. My review of Battle Line can be found here:


Much better than lost cities


I liked this very much. More fun than Lost Cities and more direct which is what 2 player games should be about. It offers more options than Lost Cities and because of that it was more enjoyable. Still, I am not that fond of card games and it is not one that I would purchase.


More of an abstract game. Good strategy to it, quick and fun, semi repetitive with not much variation to strategy.


A nice break from Lost Cities. It's a great 2p game, and after adding a few house rules this really captured my brain. It feels a lot like a normal card game (rummy, go fish, etc), but it has an additional layer of tactics which goes a long way in keeping it fun.


This seems to have unseat Lost Cities as the best 2 player card game in the collection. Super fun, and always feels like a different game.


(10/17) 6. Only the one play and I don't play 2 players very often so I can see this shooting up if I ever got around to playing it more.