Battle Line board game
Battle Line board game

Battle Line

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Battle Line is a card game of capture the flags using an ancient battle formation theme. It plays like rummy or poker is easy to learn and has strategy and the ability to provide surprises to your opponent. The leaders of both sides direct forces along the battle line to gain tactical advantages. The first player to win three adjacent Flags or any five Flags is the winner. Based on Reiner Knizia's original design published in Germany as Schotten-Totten Battle Line enhances and expands the game with more options and fun.

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  • I love this game. Probably because the chance component makes it kind of difficult. It's a good short game.
  • One of the best two-player only games you can play in under 30 minutes. Looks like something the cat dragged in with super simple rules photocopied on top, but the depth and tension of Battle Line cannot be overstated. Among Knizia's most elegant designs.
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