Warhammer Invasion Core Set

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I'm a sucker for a good card game. The LCG aspect is hugely appealing. The game seems to have some wording issues. This may riun the game for me.


My first LCG... Why I'm drawn to the Warhammer universe (and the kids like it as well) is beyond me. It's probably that I'm a Fantasy Flight Games fan, if nothing else. This is an interesting game that -- for me -- takes some getting used to. What I'm seeing right off the bat is a high degree of variety (every game has been different -- even with the same races), combinations that make their presence felt in some games and not in others (thankfully or not, depending on what side you're on), and some difficult decisions regarding how to play cards. Eric Lang is really quite an intriguing game designer, that's for sure, and he's created quite a game here that's simple, relatively quick to play (unless you're like me and suffer from some serious AP when playing this), and has some brilliant artwork.


Amazing game, but it turns out I have no desire to build decks. I wish FFG would print themed pre-constructed decks like Wizards does with M:TG.