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Light tile-laying game with random card drawing. Not sure how it scales with different numbers of players, but a four player game was okay. Pretty good opportunity for tactics using plurality of colored tiles for VPs. Spending cards was reminiscent of Toledo's cards for movement. Length of game was consistent with complexity and enjoyment.


Finally got to play this game, and it was not the game that I thought it would be. I was expecting at least some strategy in the tile laying, but it was mostly a cardplay hand management game to try to buy 'suits' of buildings to maximize your scoring.It's a fairly light game, which I don't think I'd play first, but could be a nice gateway type game, or work with the right group.


by dcoe

Wouldn't want to play with more than three. It would just be random n-person solitaire.


good too player gamehard to work strategy with more than three players


2-6 players, 45-60 minutes, tile layingPlayed twice with my son (6) and once with my wife. We had a nice game and it was quite fun trying to make all the pieces fit, which wasn't as easy as it seemed. Hope to play this again with more players, which will make the game more challenging I suppose.Update: Two years later, have played this now with 4 and 5 players as well and it still is a fun game. Might add one or two expansions to the game for more variation and strategy.Donated to De Camp on 05-05-2019


Quite entertaining. I'd put it up there with Settlers or TTR as a "gateway" game.


a clever card driven tile laying game.. works ok with 2 but better with more..


Played this one many, many times with the wife. It is the game she likes best, actually, since we played Carcassonne to death (she says she likes the "shopping" aspect). It is also popular with my more casual gaming group.


Easy to teach and it takes a very short amount of time to get the hang of things.


by paka

First so called "real" boardgame. Played too much.


No Review Description


marvelous games. Easy to learn and play. A family choice.


I really enjoy this game - my gaming group is split 50/50.


I am ambivalent, but Alhambra has its charms. I wouldn't ever want to play it with more than four, but it's a nice, light game. Think Carcassonne with a tiny smidge of planning and a touch of hand management.


OK, but the basic mechanic of collecting cards and trying to pay the exact cost of the tiles is not that much fun


[color=#CC0000] The package (I have Queen Games version) is plush, big cards, thick tiles, well put together. My buds are asking for this one all the time, so I'm looking forward to more play. There are a couple of mechanics at play in the game, and I always enjoy playing. Just a good all-around game. Note that I have played four times with four players, and three players for the rest of my games. Three seems to be the sweet spot, but four was excellent as well. Haven't tired of this game after more than a dozen plays. Great fun. [/color]


I had rated this a 7 after one play under less than ideal circumstances. Replayed tonight as due to lukewarm reception this game got stuck on shelf for long time. And wow! We have been missing out on a great game! Now an 8. Maybe higher but I'll wait.


This is a really good tile placement game with a gambling-like element (is it worth it to over-spend now for a tile, or should I wait and risk losing it?). I wish it played faster. I don't think the decisions are difficult enough to justify what always ends up being a long play time.


10/4/2009: This left me flat, in spite of a clever purchasing mechanic. Needs more table time. 9/1/2013: This title has grown on me a great deal over the past few years. I'll always value spending time over a game of this.


Played just once before deciding I wanted a copy of it. Most of my games are going to be played against people in the game group I found at the start of 2008 instead of the friends from church I like to play games with. (Not that I don't consider those in the game group friends as well.)


I have an unusal edition. It is the TROISDORF edition. While I'm happy to play this, I also have Stimmt So! I like the stripped down version maybe a tick more than the walls management of Alhambra/Troisdorf.




April 2017 $13.47


A little too light for our tastes. There didn't seem to be enough meaningful decisions to make. However it's a very relaxing, puzzle-y game. But I'd rather play Carcassonne or Gem Rush.


My wife bought this for me after I played it at Board in Palmy and raved about it afterwards. ------- Really neat game, but am finding it gets overlooked in favour of other games. It is not that it is a bad game, in fact I want to play it again. I will just have to bring it and not another game in favour of others.


by 3MBG

I found this game fine, but ultimately a bit dull and not engaging. Haven't played in years so a replay may improve my opinion of it.


Very good game. Plays quickly. Fun. Contains: Alhambra: The Vizier's Favor Alhambra: The City Gates Alhambra: The Thief's Turn Alhambra: The Treasure Chamber Alhambra: Power of the Sultan


Luck and more luck


The tile laying (like most tile laying games) is quite fun, though there is a serious lack of control with more than 3 players.  Very much a Ticket to Ride feel (if not quite as good) here in the way that you horde resources to snatch up the good tiles when you get enough.


7.0 / 2-6p Best 3 / 45-60m / 2.12


Tile placement


Some neat concepts in here. Not a game I would like to play every time, but decent now and then. Can be played with families or gamer groups and needs a good amount of thought. All in all a good game, but not higher because we never wanted to play it again after doing one round.


July 2013 - Fun euro with easy to learn mechanics.


Everyone at the table had a good time but no one could say why


OK game, but I'd almost always prefer something else


My wife beats me every time, but it's still fun.


2-6, 60m


Enjoyed playing on the phone but played with 4 people in person and it just felt too slow and also felt too hard to keep track of the majorities. Might be more fun with 2 or 3 players


The first time this was played was with 6 and it was a chaotic blast though it went on a bit longer than I would have liked. After the second play, I wasn't too enamoured. It is a good game but there are several others that are richer in experience. 2014-04-20 - Bought @ Chapters 2016-07-15 - rating 7 -> 7.5 (much better with family)


A good tile-laying game with interesting buying and placement rules, but, at the same time, the placement rules are overly restrictive. The method of obtaining money is very simple and rather boring, which leads to many stale turns. This is counteracted by the ability to gain extra actions whenever buying with exact change, but it doesn't compensate enough. However, I really like the 2p-variant, and the decisions that come along with knowing the "3rd" (read: NPC) player's round-end tile counts.


(1/16) 8. Have always had a great time playing this, love that friends new to board games almost always really enjoy playing it too. (10/17) 8. While I don't like playing this with too many expansion modules thrown in, the base game is still SO enjoyable and tight.