Monster Island: The Game of Giant Monster Combat is a simple tabletop battle system for recreating "Godzilla"-type movie monster skirmishes. Players each create a monster RPG style starting using a Concept, Origin, and Name, then assigning points into the Attributes of Strength, Reflexes, Health and Mind. Scores for the attributes of Life, Evade, Toughness, Daze, and Move are calculated from the base attributes, and remaining points can be spent on many special Powers.

The game comes with one 32 page rulebook with a cardstock insert printed in color with 8 different playing pieces to represent the monsters. No map or board is included or needed for play, although it is recommended that play be conducted on a blank hex map or to have movement measured out in 1 inch increments using a ruler. Suggestions for creating the terrain of Monster Island are included.

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Monster Island

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